Types of Funeral Services

Non-attend Funeral Service:

An Non-attend Funeral is when no one attends. It includes Giudice and Barndon taking the deceased person in the selected casket and privately cremating or burring them. This type of Funeral is most suited to those who have limited family or friends or are looking for something simple. All Burial or Cremation times remain unknown to everyone.

An Non-attended Funeral Service does not mean you cannot say goodbye to your loved one. See some of the options below that Giudice and Barndon offer;

  • A viewing before the deceased person is cremated or buried. This would allow anyone to see their loved one for the last time as if they were sleeping peacefully.
  • Prior to the Non-attend Funeral Service, Giudice and Barndon can transfer the deceased person to a home, sporting club or other venue where people would gather together with the deceased for the last time. This can be an informal gathering where Giudice and Barndon don’t have to attend if you would like some privacy or to make it more personal. At the conclusion of the gathering, Giudice and Barndon simply transfer the deceased to their premises to proceed with the Non-attend Funeral Service. This allows a goodbye for the last time.
  • After an Non-attend Funeral Service, a memorial can be privately conducted. This includes people gathering together at any selected location to memorialise their loved one. Scattering of ashes may take place at this event.

Private Funeral Service:

A Private Funeral Service is conducted with an audience of only selected persons. This type of Funeral Service is invitational only at the family’s/arrangers discretion. All details about the funeral are kept unknown to the general public.

Attended Funeral Service:

This type of Funeral Service is the most popular. This occurs when all details about the Funeral are shared with the general public.

Non Denominational or Denominational Funerals

Giudice & Barndon offer both Non-Denominational and Denominational Funeral Services, the choice is completely up to the Family.

Non Denominational:

Non-Denominational Funeral Services are usually conducted by a Celebrant or Funeral Director. Non-Denominational Funerals may include poems or verses chosen by the family and if desired, read out by family members.


Denominational Funeral Services or Mass’ are conducted by a Priest or Minister. All denominations are available to choose from. Prior to the Funeral the family will meet up with the Priest or Minister and go through some of the readings the family would like read out and if family members would like to read out some prayers.